Next members meeting

Next Members meeting

07 August 2014 20:00 at The Manor, Shrewton
Join us for our monthly get-together to find out the up to the minute project news.

Upcoming events

Trout & About

03 August 2014
We are hoping to be a part of the hugely popular Trout and About event again this year on August 3rd in Stockbridge, Hampshire. Watch this space for more information!

Latest news:

A new phase for the Great Bustard Reintroduction

Read our latest press release here! The Great Bustard Trial Reintroduction has entered a momentous new phase. Up until this year the project has used only birds sourced from Saratov in Russia, and the UK Government restricted this to birds hatched from eggs rescued from destroyed or abandoned nests. The difficulties in rescuing the eggs, […]

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