Black 6 on film

Posted on Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Black 6 near Soar in Devon

We’ve had a few more updates on the progress of Black 6 this week. She seems to have settled in the same part of Devon from which she was first recorded in early November. More exciting is the video evidence which has been posted on YouTube. Click on the link below to see her enjoying the south Devon coast.

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Andrew Taylor

Posted by Andrew Taylor

Andrew has worked for the RSPB in Wiltshire for three years, mainly as part of the Wessex Stone-curlew Project. In March 2011,he joined the LIFE+ team.

One Response to “Black 6 on film”

  1. Richard Large says:

    Update on Thursday 1 December. From our kitchen window we could see a dot on the horizon; thought it was a clump of grass but on looking again a few minutes later it had moved several metres! Very prominent. Black 6. So she is still enjoying the open fields nearby, occasionally having a brief flight from one to another. It’s been extremely windy so we thought maybe she was reluctant to travel further in the wind but today has been really calm & she’s staying put. A bit more video (not very good due to rain):

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