Bustards at Birdworld

Posted on Sunday, June 6th, 2010

The GBG visited Birdworld Park and Gardens today.. and brought a new friend with them – Bertie Bustard the talking collection box! The new arrival was greeted with much amusement by visitors and staff alike.  Birdworld Park Manager Mark Anderson is pictured below with GBG Director David Waters and ‘Bertie’.

The sun once again smiled on proceedings and David and Bertie were joined at the park by Suzy, rx Bob and Eileen who had unwittingly offered their volunteer services for the day to chat to the public about the project. None of them however had counted on Percy the Penguin joining them during the day. First Suzy then Bob found themselves waddling around the park in a penguin outfit amusing children and terrifying toddlers! It was a hugely successful day with the GBG well received, sildenafil David’s talk about the birds watched by many and lots of visitors to the stand. We will return throughout the summer season with Bertie and some friends of our own, and would like to say a huge thankyou to Mark Anderson for being such a welcoming host – and for resisting the temptation to laugh at us tripping over and losing our balance in the park’s suit!

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