Photos from this year’s Russian survey

Posted on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Photos from David Waters in Russia

Most of the days are spent on roads like this. Easy (if very dusty) in dry weather, and very slippery in the wet.


Census. Voloda Promonov and Mary Walden during the census. They are either looking for Great Bustards,
or for the other side of the field...!


The Great Bustards are usually seen at long range. This little group were closer than most,
but still at the end of a long lens.


Male Pallid Harrier. Birds of prey on the census included White-tailed, Golden, Imperial and Steppe Eagles.
Also plenty of Pallid, Montagu's, Hen and Marsh Harriers, but not the huge numbers we see in the spring.


St. Basil's Cathedral. The colour and shapes of St Basil's as it appears across Red Square
always make it look like the world's biggest bouncy castle to me!


The Volga River. Just in case anyone thought the fields were the only big thing in Saratov
, this is picture of a part of the road bridge over the Volga, with the city of Saratov in the background.


Male Ferruginous Duck. A fellow visitor to Moscow Zoo...


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