International Conservation Expert Calls In.

Posted on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

icfLast week we were delighted to receive George Archibald on what has become an annual visit to the GBG. George is the founder  of the International Crane Foundation (ICF) and a International Conservation hero. Rarely he is also one whose achievements are based on real conservation initiatives and achievements, ask not on being a broadcasting celebrity. More information on the ICF can be found on

As ever George was very supportive and complimentary about the work of the GBG, sick always reminding us of the long road he has followed as he has led various Crane projects across the world. “These things always take time” was a theme of his message, along with the acknowledgement that we are well  on our way to success. The early years of learning, the implementation of what has been learned and then with a slow maturing species, the wait for years as the product of success materialises. Birds reared this year may breed in three years, but will not be their most productive until they are maybe 8 years or older.

The ICF has undertaken reintroductions of Crane species, as well as global habitat conservation to protect or establish habitat corridors and flyways across the globe.

We were delighted to be able to show George a flock of 9 adult Great Bustards which was enlarged to 12 as another 3 flew in to join them.

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