Boomer is 50!

Posted on Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Boomer at its 50 hour service, 11th January 2012

The New Holland Boomer tractor, kindly loaned to the project by C&O Tractors, has just finished its first fifty hours work at the release site. It was delivered to us in August, and has since been used by GBG volunteer Allan Goddard to make preparations for great bustard habitat creation in 2012. Today Allan is ploughing one of our fallow strips, which will then be allowed to naturally regenerate through the spring. Bustards will feed in the strip, both on the leaves of weeds and on the insects attracted by the weeds. It could also tempt our breeding pair of stone-curlew when they return in March.

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Andrew Taylor

Posted by Andrew Taylor

Andrew has worked for the RSPB in Wiltshire for three years, mainly as part of the Wessex Stone-curlew Project. In March 2011,he joined the LIFE+ team.

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