Meet Herman and Rimmer…

Posted on Saturday, August 8th, 2009

…two Great Bustard chicks given to GBG by the the German Great Bustard Project.
Karen Waters takes up the story


“The two chicks were born on 28th May and 7th June and arrived in UK on 8th July. They are both males and have been named Hermann and Rimmer (after the character on Red Dwarf – my daughter’s idea!!) [Chris Barrie, information pills if you’re reading this we’d be happy to arrange an introduction to your feathered namesake of course…]

great bustard chick

great bustard chick
Hermann and Rimmer settle into their temporary lodgings

They are currently living in our front garden and I am their primary carer. Since arriving they have spent most of their time eating and have doubled in size. They currently eat mice, there mealworms, sildenafil heart, cheese and enormous amounts of greenery and seem to cost more to feed than us humans!! Their favourite is mice and they will fight over a mouse playing a game of tug of war with it!! At the moment the idea is for them to stay here for another couple of weeks and then they will be released into the pen on Salisbury Plain having had a wing trimmed and act as ‘magnets’ for the other Great Bustards in the area.”


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