The GBG in Russia

Posted on Sunday, January 24th, 2010

A no doubt shivering GBG Director David Waters has sent the following message from a frozen Saratov:

"It is a cold winter this year: down to - 35 last night at the field station.
I have had two days out and not found any bustards yet, but did see some feathers which must have been fairly recent. Snow makes transport difficult, and today a freezing fog made it hard to see anything - a bit of a white out really. If we get fresh snow we can try the snowmobiles, but these are hard work over any distance and not good viewing platforms.
Al is now censusing in Ukraine with John Mackenzie-Greive and Paul Goriup and a Ukrainian/German team. I have no news from them so far."

More news to follow when David thaws out his texting finger!

Charlie Moores

Posted by Charlie Moores

Charlie is the Great Bustard news & Otis (the official Great Bustard magazine) editor, as well as being an authority on birds worldwide & writing for several online blogs.

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