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Rear a Great Bustard chick

Rear a Great Bustard chick
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Feed a Great Bustard chick

Great Bustards have varied diets in the wild and chicks being reared by humans need to be fed a diet that approximates their natural intake as closely as possible. By purchasing this item, you make this possible, giving a young bustard the very best start in life.

Why your help matters

You can make bringing Great Bustards back to the UK a reality. For the Great Bustard Group to continue working, we need your support and your donations. The Great Bustard Group was founded nearly 13 years ago and continues to reintroduce Great Bustards into the UK and was helped by an EU grant in 2011.

However, to continue receiving EU funding, we have to raise a significant portion of the money ourselves. The European Union grant enables new scientific research on Great Bustards but much of the funding for our core work of releasing birds is not covered. For that, we rely on the generosity of the public including donations, memberships and sponsorship.

What happens when I purchase this item?

Upon purchase of this item, your money goes directly to the Great Bustard Group. Rather than spending it on postage, we give you a downloadable certificate for you to print out and fill in, whether for yourself or for someone as a gift.