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Annual membership to the GBG for one person.

Includes unlimited free (pre-booked) visits to the Bustard Site, quarterly newsletter, badge, information booklet and car sticker.

Lost from the UK

Great Bustards were formerly widespread and very much part of British wildlife. The expansive chalk grassland of Wessex, in particular Salisbury Plain, was a former stronghold.
Since the eighteenth century Great Bustards have suered a dramatic decline in numbers across their range due to changes in agricultural practices and persecution from humans. They have become extinct in many countries including the UK, where the last conrmed breeding was in 1832.
Great Bustards are capable of living successfully in agricultural land but it needs to be managed sympathetically. The global population is estimated to be just 35,000 individuals although they may suer further declines if more habitat is converted to intensively managed agriculture. Consequently, the Great Bustard is now listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
Their population decline and fragmentation means that recolonisation of the UK is unlikely to occur without a reintroduction programme.