UK Great Bustard chicks hatch

Posted on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

The Great Bustard, rx which became extinct in Britain as a nesting bird in 1832, successfully nested last year, when two pairs fledged two chicks on Salisbury Plain, in Wiltshire. And now the birds have produced eggs and healthy chicks for a second year running.

David Waters Founder and Director of the Great Bustard Group says: “This year we are aware of four Great Bustard nests, and that so far four chicks have hatched. In spite of their considerable size, nesting females are notoriously hard to find, and thus other females are suspected of nesting in addition to the four we are aware of. We very much hope these females will turn up with their youngsters later in the autumn, since the mother-offspring bond is especially strong and long-lasting. Since each mother has a tag, we will be able to tell which mothers were the ‘super-nannies’.”

The nest sites are kept secret due to fears of pressure from bird watchers and the eggs were marked with a special permanent DNA glue  to deter and help prosecute egg collectors.

Two years of successful breeding and increasing number of nests indicate last year was no fluke, and that the Great Bustard is well on its way back to being established in the UK.

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14 Responses to “UK Great Bustard chicks hatch”

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  2. Lyndsay Cowen says:

    This news is almost as exciting as the anouncement last year of the first chicks to hatch in the UK for over 100 years.
    The team has worked tirelessly to effect the reintroduction of the Great Bustard and they are to be congratulated for their determination and perseverance.
    Your supporters join in the jubilation. Well done.

    • Suzy says:

      Thankyou for your kind comment Lyndsay! It’s wonderful to know that we have so many supporters, your help and good wishes are very much appreciated! Kind regards, Suzy!

  3. Barry Jacobs says:

    Wonderful news again of chicks etc hopefully more this year and always Must visit soon and must enrol my 2 boys wives and 6 grand children Thank you all at GBG and members- the world has good stuff that does not get enough publicity although BBC Lunchtime news etc have mentioned God Bless Barry Jacobs Fareham Hampshire

    • Suzy says:

      Good evening Mr Jacobs and many thanks for your kind comment on the website. Please do visit us anytime! Dave did a grand job on BBC2’s Wild Night in this evening, some fantastic publicity for the project! See you soon, kind regards, Suzy

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  5. Barrie Whitney says:

    fantastic news about the chicks! Red Kites have been reintroduced some on a site near me (Harewood House estate) and they are doing well (some setbacks with breeding -Yorkshire Water cutting down trees with nests in didn’t help!). I have seen them regularly all over the city (Leeds)and they are breeding far beyond the reintroduction site – it would be great if the same could happen for the Gt Bustard. Suitable areas are a problem – any chance of them coming up to Yorkshire? They did occur widely pre-1830 – but obviously UK was a lot wilder then! They seem to do well in Portugal in countryside similar to the National Park areas in yorkshire (esp. North)- perhaps its just hoping too much. Egg-collectors need to be severely dealt with – there’s no excuse for it these days.

    • Suzy says:

      Good evening Barrie and many thanks for your message on the website, it’s so good to hear from our supporters and the chicks really are doing well! Please do visit us whenever you are able, kind regards, Suzy!

  6. Nigel Jarrett says:

    This is incredible news! History is being re-written and this project shows that extinction does not have to be forever – long may the great bustard live in Great Britain! Well done to all the bustard people, you deserve everyone’s support. GOOD LUCK!!!

    • Suzy says:

      Thankyou so much for your message Mr. Jarrett! We really appreciate all the support we’ve received and will welcome you to the site at any time if you’re able to visit! Kind regards, Suzy

  7. rona andrews says:

    Hi David and the team great news Fred and i are over the moon. Fred and i will see you on friday over the Hawk Conservancy Bye for now Rona

  8. Joan New says:

    Just got home from Lundy (where we were virtually media-less) to hear thrilling news about the chicks. Do hope ‘my’ bustard is a mother this year.

    • Suzy says:

      Thankyou very much for your message Joan! I’ll ensure that it reaches the on-site team and we’ll update you! Kind regards, Suzy