Update from Russia: 25 April 2010

Posted on Sunday, April 25th, 2010

GBG Director David Waters sent a last update from Russia before returning to the UK (and his thoughts are again on Salisbury Plain…)

“I had a frustrating day in Moscow yesterday, clinic chasing documents, and having to get people to return to work on Saturday to allow me to collect them.

In the evening I watched Scarlet and Sacred Ibis, Griffon Vultures and Fruit Bats. As darkness fell I went to sleep with the roar of a lion overpowering the background noises of the city. I was not taking hallucenogenic drugs, but was staying in a flat inside Moscow Zoo. The Zoo is a generous supporter of the GBG, and to have their help when doing any business in Russia is a great help.

The Zoo also has a small Great Bustard population, and a very interesting captive breeding project. The Bustards are not on public display, and are at a site outside the city. The birds have laid eggs for the last two years, but sadly they were infertile. We hope they will find success with breeding this year.

A full account of the Great Bustard work at Moscow Zoo will appear in due course.

A cancelled train to the airport finishes of a trip of travel problems, but Al suffered the most with his long delay at Moscow airport due to the volcanic ash grounding Europe’s airlines

News from home is encouraging with females and displaying males on Salisbury Plain.”

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