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We are restoring the Great Bustard in the UK

The Great Bustard was one of Britain’s most beloved birds but was hunted to national extinction in the 19th century. Today the species faces an uncertain future across the world. Since its formation in 1998 the Great Bustard Group has established a healthy wild living Great Bustard population of around 100 birds, but to protect its future we need to do more.

We are working hard to safeguard and enlarge this breeding population, protecting the Great Bustard from threats and ensuring these magnificent birds will thrive for future generations.

Can you help us restore and protect the Great Bustard?

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Saving the Great Bustard in 3 steps

The Great Bustard Group was created in 1998 with the aim of establishing a self-sustaining population in the wild, a target we achieved in 2019

To protect the future for the Great Bustard, we need your help in 3 ways:

Please donate today to help us bring the Great Bustard back to Great Britain.


Who we are

Support the Great Bustard Group

The Great Bustard Group is a Registered Charity (number 1092515) and is committed to protecting and promoting the interests of the Great Bustard.

We have received significant support from the public and our supporters including our Patron HRH The Prince of Wales. We are developing a captive breeding programme to provide stock to allow restoration projects in new parts of the UK and have plans for a Visitor and Education Centre to inform and inspire future generations.

Almost all the work undertaken by the GBG is supported or carried out by volunteers.

What is the Great Bustard?

What is the Great Bustard? A natural wonder; the Great Bustard is the world’s heaviest flying bird with reliable records of individuals weighing over 20 kgs. A fully grown male stands over 1 metre tall and has a wing span of over 2 metres. The species also has the greatest sexual dimorphism of any bird – that is the difference between the size of the male and the female, with the male being up to 5 times the weight of a female.

The male bustard is famous for its perfect plumage and distinctive moustache during mating season. Its back and wings are covered with an easily identifiable deep brown colour, flecked with black, while its breast is a rich white. On the ground, the bustard is large with a stately appearance, but in the air, it flies with grace and poise that belies its size. On land or in the air, the bustard is one of Britain’s most intriguing, beautiful, and beloved bird species.

GBG Patron - HRH, The Prince of Wales.
Great bustard chicks.

Our vision

Development Plan 2020 – 2029

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The generous donations and support of our corporate partners are helping us bring the Great Bustard back to Britain. We’re searching for new partners who share our passion for protecting the Great Bustard. If your business wants to partner the Great Bustard Group, get in touch today.

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