Adopt a Bustard

Help secure the future of these wonderful birds by adopting a Great Bustard”. The GBG rescued 8 nests from destruction this year and from those eggs have reared 11 birds for release into the wild

Adopting one of the chicks from the eggs rescued from the silage mowers this year costs just £10. Please adopt one of these birds for a year and you will receive regular updates (videos, etc.) on how they are getting on in the wild.

The money from your adoption will go to making sure there is good quality, safe nesting habitat available for these birds when they are old enough to breed.

To make your donation and receive the videos with our grateful appreciation, please visit our store at this location –

 2020 Adopt a Bustard Appeal Donation

Thank you from all of us at the Great Bustard Group!


CANCELLED – The Members Meeting at the Manor in Shrewton will not go ahead until further notice.

VISITS SUSPENDED – Due to the Corona Virus the GBG will not be running any more visits to the project site until further notice.

The project visits are a major part of our funding and without them we will struggle to cover land rent for our reserves and other costs.

If you are able to do so, please do continue to purchase memberships and visits which can be booked in once the health situation has changed favourably.


– David Waters, Executive Officer –



The GBG has created a self sustaining population of around 100 birds. This is the only successful reintroduction of Great Bustards anywhere in the world.

The land rented by the GBG for its reserves is managed to provide nesting habitat for the Great Bustards, although some birds do nest on commercially managed farmland.

The reserve areas also host nesting Stone Curlews, Quail and Corn Bunting to name just a few specialities of Salisbury Plain.

Please come and visit the project and see these wonderful birds and help support the work of the GBG

Male Great Bustard’s giving it all they have on Salisbury Plain. Many of the females have nested, but the males are still displaying. Book a trip to see them by clicking HERE

Next members meeting: Thursday, Jun 3

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