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IUCN reforms bustard group

Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2010 by Charlie Moores

The IUCN has reformed the Bustard Specialist Group. The new chairman is Olivier Combreau, a French national with a great deal of experience working with the Houbara Bustard in the Middle East, a Vulnerable species threatened particularly by uncontrolled hunting by falconers. The old Bustard specialist group disbanded some years ago, and its reformation must […]

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Pre school visit in the Winterbournes

Posted on Saturday, February 20th, 2010 by Alex Stott

Valantina Provonova visited a pre school in the Winterbournes, view near Salisbury. Anastasia Barsokova (GBG translator and Russian teacher) is on the right. Valantina and Anastasia were able to me come to the UK as a part of a school teacher exchange arranged by Karen Waters of the GBG. [nggallery id=5]

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Photos from the archives

Posted on Saturday, February 20th, 2010 by Alex Stott

These pictures show Valantina Provonova giving a lesson on the Great Bustard to the village school in Diakovka, information pills Saratovskaya. Valantina is also the domestic manager at the Field Station where the Great Bustards are raised, sales and so has great personal knowledge and experience of the Bustards. Karen Waters of the Great Bustard […]

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The Biking Birder

Posted on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 by Charlie Moores

Gary Prescott the biking birder

Al Dawes, cheapest release-site manager, stomach reports: The GBG was delighted to host a surprise visit today by Gary Prescott, information pills aka The Biking Birder. For those who haven’t heard about Gary’s quest in the news, he has set out on an epic journey to see as many birds as possible in a year […]

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Bottoms Up

Posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 by Charlie Moores

“Male Great Bustards have developed a trick to make their elaborate mating displays even more alluring to females, a study suggests. The large birds lift and point their bottoms towards the sun, say scientists, making their bright white tail feathers more conspicuous”, so starts a report by Victoria Gill on the BBC News website. A […]

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Laying the tracks

Posted on Sunday, February 14th, 2010 by Charlie Moores

David Waters, prostate GBG Director, click writes: On Saturday we set about making a mud free access to the new cabin. Al Dawes, stuff release-site manager, had secured some railway sleepers for the job and they needed bedding in place. Len Tryhorn, Charles Hibberd, Al and I undertook this and were delighted to see a […]

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It’s been raining…

Posted on Friday, February 12th, 2010 by Charlie Moores

Charlie Moores, viagra Otis editor, writes: Vis-a-vis not very much at all, but I thought this photo might be of interest. I took it last week on a visit to the release-site. Those of you who know the site may wonder where this ‘stream’ is located: in fact this peaceful-looking stretch of water is the […]

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Ukraine Great Bustard census January 2010

Posted on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 by Lynne Derry

salix tours

It is widely considered that the entire Saratov bustard population winter 1, buy 000 km southwest in southern Ukraine, mainly in the Kherson Oblast and Crimea peninsula, where the resident 700 or so Great Bustards are joined in winter by a further 6,000-7,000 birds. Having been out to Saratov several times during spring, summer and […]

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Visit to St Nicholas School, Idmiston

Posted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 by Alex Stott

Mary and Karen spent the day there on 3rd September giving talks to all the children in the school – ages range from 4 – 11 yrs. The talks were done in three different stages so that we could target them at the ages of the children.   The school has a Great Bustard as […]

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Great Bustard Group on Facebook

Posted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 by Suzy

You can now show your support for the GBG by joining us on Facebook. Log in and join the GBG Group for more news updates and photos. See the Great Bustard Group on Facebook. All of our news stories have links to various social networks, more about including Facebook, as well as Twitter & others.

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