Caught on camera part 2: the bustards

Posted on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

The habitat at the main bustard release site is looking better than it ever has before, clinic and the bustards are responding. There are always bustards in or around the enclosure – the biggest group we have recorded this summer included eight birds of a wide range of ages. Camera traps within the enclosure have recorded a vast number of images of bustards, and there are a selection of highlights below. Clockwise from top left: Purple 5 displaying to Yellow 22; Black 17; Pink 2 (foreground) and Purple 5 taking off; Yellow 22 (who has now lost both her wingtags); Pink 2; Purple 5 displaying at night; a bustard head with a concerned-looking stone-curlew; Purple 5 and Pink 2 displaying; a dawn confrontation between two birds; and Black 20.

Camera trap bustard pictures, summer 2012

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Andrew Taylor

Posted by Andrew Taylor

Andrew has worked for the RSPB in Wiltshire for three years, mainly as part of the Wessex Stone-curlew Project. In March 2011,he joined the LIFE+ team.

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  1. rona andrews says:

    Good pictures Andrew keep up the good work

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