‘Check-out’ this cheque!

Posted on Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Here’s a great way to start off our new blog – reporting on a wonderful donation of £290 courtesy of Waitrose customers and the John Lewis Partnership!

Great Bustard fans shopping at Waitrose can now take advantage of the ‘Community Matters’ programme. Under the scheme, page customers nominate organisations to receive ‘green tokens’ given away free at the check-out (with the final decision on which organisations to support being made by PartnerVoice forums, Waitrose’s local democratic bodies). Customers can then drop the tokens into one of a selection of collection boxes on their way out of the participating store. The more tokens ‘collected’ by an organisation, the larger the donation Waitrose makes.

And one of those organisations nominated at the Salisbury branch of Waitrose? The Great Bustard Group!

Thanks for thinking of us, and thanks to all the shoppers in Salisbury who dropped their tokens in to the GBG box. And if any GBG supporters who shop at a different Waitrose would like to suggest us as a recipient of those little green tokens to your own PartnerVoice forums we’d be very grateful…

Al Dawes (GBG’s Project Officer) collects a cheque for £290 from Wendy Moore (left) and Colin Wall (right). Fergus looks on approvingly…
(Photo © Jan Clarke)


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