Cycle to Saratov: March update

Posted on Saturday, March 5th, 2011

This month, our teams have made great progress in their simulated trek across the continent and the Russian plains. Once again taking to their bikes, visit this site our volunteers have sped around Wiltshire and burnt away calories in the gym.

The aim is to cycle the same distance as Great Bustard chicks must travel in order to be released onto Salisbury Plain, all the way from Saratov oblast in Russia to the plains of Salisbury.  The route is being cycled in two different directions: David Waters, GBG Director is heading east and The GBG team is cycling west from Saratov. The money raised will go towards buying a new four wheel drive vehicle – an essential item for the release site on Salisbury Plain.

The weather in Russia can reach around -30°C at this time of year, and much of the terrain is open grassland and agricultural ground, making it infeasible to actually cycle the route.

The GBG team heading west (the green icon on the map below) have racked up a total of 803 miles, thanks in no small part to their star cyclists, Bustard vet John Chitty and Allan-the machine-Goddard. In a massive improvement since last month, the GBG team have pulled ahead of David Waters and are now in Belarus.

In exciting news announced yesterday, Russian schoolchildren and teachers have joined the fund-raising effort and have already clocked 15 miles in their first day. [read the full article]

The GBG team remain in the lead when it comes to funding, with £909.70 under their (significantly looser) belts.

An artists impression of GBG Director David Waters in Warsaw, Poland

GBG director David Waters, who in great British tradition is now the underdog, is cycling on his own and is heading east (the purple icon on the map above) and has cycled 669 miles. Were he cycling in a straight line he would now have crossed the border into Poland. David’s fundraising total stands at £690, meaning he’s currently sponsored approximately a pound per mile.

Can you help us better these totals? We’re looking for both cyclists and donations, all of which can be arranged at on our fundraising page.

No donation is too small, every penny you give helps the Great Bustard Group in re-introducing the Great Bustard back to the UK.

All donations have Gift Aid applied, meaning we receive more money than you donate because the tax is given back!

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