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Posted on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Excellent news this morning from Mike Alexander the Senior Trials Officer, ampoule Avionics & Mission Systems at QinetiQ which is based on Wiltshire’s Boscombe Down.

“…you may recall me mentioning that I had nominated the GBG for consideration for an award from QinetiQ’s Systems Evaluation Services (SES) awards scheme (Good CauSES). This is a Business Group initiative to award modest amounts to charities close to Boscombe Down. At the time they were interested in sponsoring a chick and you kindly supplied the further details they required. Since then I have heard nothing except a global e-mail earlier in the year announcing charities they were supporting this year and the GBG was not on the list. As we are being ‘restructured’ I considered the matter closed and we had been unlucky.

Out of the blue this morning, cheap I have received an e-mail from Alison Gurney, shop the good CauSES co-ordinator, asking me to supply contact details on an invoice for £300 for the GBG!”

Thanks Mike and thankyou Alison – we’re very grateful, and will put your donation to good use straight away!

Charlie Moores

Posted by Charlie Moores

Charlie is the Great Bustard news & Otis (the official Great Bustard magazine) editor, as well as being an authority on birds worldwide & writing for several online blogs.

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