Editor’s apology

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2012

Otis Editor Miss Suzy Smithson would like to issue a statement of apology to contributors Mr. Stanislav Khuchraew, there his family and Mrs Olga Kishinevsky for a misrepresentative caption that appeared in issues 39 (Spring) and 40 (Summer) 2012 stating that Mrs Olga Kishinevsky was wife to Mr. Khuchraew. Mr. Khuchraew’s wife’s name is Mrs Larisa Khuchraewa and she does not appear in the photograph that incorrectly captioned her. Mrs Khuchraewa worked on a Russian-German project for the protection of Great Bustards in Saratov oblast from 1997 – 2000. Mrs Olga Kishinevsky (pictured in Otis magazine) is actually a work colleague of Mr. Khuchraew and co-founder of Studio F (x).  The Editor would like to apologise to all parties for this error. A correction will be printed in the next edition of Otis magazine. Corrected issue 39 can be read here now and issue 40 will be posted shortly.

Alex Stott

Posted by Alex Stott

Alex runs the Great Bustard Group website and online shop.

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