GBG helps host a UNESCO delegation from Romania and Moldova

Posted on Friday, July 22nd, 2011

The GBG helped host a UNESCO delegation from Romania and Moldova who visited Saratov. They are interested in reintroducing Great Bustards into their countries and are seeking to learn from the UK/Russian project.

The ideas presented are at the early stage, purchase but are very interesting. The UNESCO involvement reflects to high cultural status of the Great Bustard in both Romania and Moldova. Both countries actually boast a village or town called Great Bustard, web or rather their national name for the bird. The delegation compromised of scientists and also some writers and a composer seeking to write an anthem about the Great Bustard. There was much interest in the “Bustard” – a piece for a sting quartet composed by Ronald Corp, rx after being commissioned by GBG Life members Peter and Naomi Lobbenberg.

GBG has been invited to both Romania and Moldova to assist with developing plans, and has been asked to host a visit to the UK project. Both suggestions have been agreed to.

Alex Stott

Posted by Alex Stott

Alex runs the Great Bustard Group website and online shop.

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