Great Dancing Bustards

Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2011

Update: Some of you may have guessed this was an April fools, and you’d be right. However, the Bustards are currently displaying on Salisbury Plain, making now a fantastic time to visit. Why not book a trip to come and see them?


Ground-breaking research by the Great Bustard Group this week has found that if male Great Bustards are exposed to music, rather than walking during their sexual display they prefer to dance.

Experts from the GBG on Salisbury Plain have been playing different kinds of music to the displaying males and have managed to film the birds dancing.

David Waters, Director of the GBG: “They seemed to be rather unimpressed by classical and rock music, showing a preference for dance music. The faster the beat the more irresistible the urge seems to be to dance. We are now looking into which type of house music makes them dance more vigorously, for example hardbag, pumpin house or hi-NRG dance music”.

These findings build on the discovery made by the GBG in 2009 that life-size plastic decoys of Great Bustards are strong lures for real Great Bustards. Males are strongly attracted to the plastic birds which they perceive as a new audience of females which never tire of their attention. This year, a speaker was put underneath a decoy to allow different kinds of music to be played to the displaying males.

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