Karasney Kut School visit Diakovka

Posted on Monday, October 11th, 2010

David Waters, GBG Director, link is in Saratov and has sent the following update today:

“The Karasney Kut School Number 1, the organisers of the International Children’s Organisation today came to the Diakovka Field Station. They were shown the Great Bustards by Tatiana who is responsible for the incubation and chicks rearing and had a joint presentation about the work at the station by Tatiana and GBG Director David Waters.

The Bustards at the station are the birds retained to avoid newly hatched chicks becoming too strongly attached to humans in the absence of older birds, and two which are destined for a zoo in Russia as they have slight wing injuries which prevents their release into the wild.

The children were also able to see the two Saiga antelope at the station being kept as a part of a research project into their grazing preferences.

The children of the Karasney Kut school have agreed to visit the Field Station in the early spring and clear the area of the Bustard pens and then to plant it with Bustard friendly crops. They also wish to adopt one of the birds released in the UK earlier this year.

The students are keen to establish links with the UK and have given me a pile of letters to give to schools and colleges in the UK in the hope that they will find some new friends. All are capable of a good standard of English, so any prospective students in the UK need not be frightened of having to communicate in Russian! Communication will be by email, skype or letter, and be in English.”

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