Profile: Saratov wildlife photographer Stas Khuchraev

Posted on Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Saratov wildlife photographer Stas Khuchraev is working on several projects about wildlife of Saratov area. One of the projects is named ‘Peace to our neighbors’. The idea behind the project is to introduce local wild life to school children by showing selected birds and animals as unique and attractive personalities to encourage personal feelings and interest in animals, no rx in the hopes of preventing them causing any harm to the environment in the future.

One of the main heroes is a Great Bustard displaying, approved fighting and mating.

Stas Khuchraev said: “In our vast territories the Great Bustard is especially cautious and hardly can give the photographer a chance to come closer than 200 m. The birds are hanging around and displaying in 10 meters from his hides when he is far away but ever keep safe distance when he is in.

Khuchraev doesn’t give up his attempts and experiments. Every night he travels to one of the hides on his old bicycle, capsule and stays there overnight until birds leave in the morning or during the day so he can leave the hide unnoticed.

He then cycles around the area to check what’s going on around his three other hide locations before returning to the farm house to nap before the next nights watch.

Each hide is about 8 km from the where Khuchraev is staying (at a farmer’s house you pass by on the way to the lek area) so he travels about 60 km every day to get to each of the hides and back.

If he eventually succeeds and gets the portraits, he plans to make a short movie (he believes it should a be a thriller) on how it was done.

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