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Posted on Saturday, May 29th, 2010

GBG Director David Waters has been in Saratov, viagra sale Russia monitoring the Great Bustard breeding season, patient and has sent the following photos:

A common type of tractor. Draw a line from the drivers eye to the end of the bonnet. It is easy to imagine how the drivers cannot see any nesting birds close to their tractors.


A huge field, with attending Rooks following the cultivation


The local state veterinary department issue some of the licences required for the project. Here one of their staff is spraying the incubator room with disinfectant. Despite the rural nature of the field station, hygiene standards are very high.


Releasing a male Great Bustard into the wild. This bird was reared from a rescued egg in 2009. In addition to the wing tags it carries a PTT satelite GPS transmitter.


Released bustard

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