Russian colleagues visit the UK Project

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Dr. Mikhail Oparin, the new Director of the Saratov Branch of the Severtsov Insistute and Olga Oparina, Head of Research within the Institute have just returned to Russia after a hugely successful visit to the UK, hosted by David Waters.

The A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution (IEE RAS) is one of the leading biological institutes of Russia. The Institute is a scientific research centre on problems of general ecology, biological diversity, ethology, animal ecology and evolutionary morphology.

The data obtained at the Institute is put to wide use in various branches of the national economy (nature conservation, plant protection, fishery, fish farming and game management.). The data is the basis for sustainable use of natural resources and conservation of natural ecosystems and wildlife.

The Oparins were on their first visit to the UK, undertaking a fact finding trip following their appointment to their new roles. The purpose of the visit was to learn about the UK arm of the Project and to strengthen its work in both countries through the exchange of joint expertise.

The Oparins visited the UK project site and attended a national conference which included other International bustard experts. On their return to Russia they will study their findings and continue to work closely with the UK Project to secure the future of this magnificent species.

Alex Stott

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