Stone-curlews are here!

Posted on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

David Waters announces “The GBG project site offers great views of not just Great Bustards. The Stone Curlews are back and a pair are in excellent view of our new hide. Quail have also been heard, this web but these can be tricky to see, medications and the first Wheatears have been seen. The real glory must be the sights of a displaying male Great Bustard which is seen almost daily at the moment. April is a great month to visit”

David Waters 31st March 2010

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Alex Stott

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One Response to “Stone-curlews are here!”

  1. Ted Gower says:

    I saw my first ever Great Bustard in the wild yesterday 15th april 2010 at approx 16.00hrs.
    The location was about 2miles east of Stone Henge. I beleive it was a male bird however it was flying low across the main road. Believe it or not it was in close proximity to the Bustard inn at Rollerstone on Salisbury plain.The size of the bird and colouring, chestnut with white underparts and long neck made no doubt to its identity. I am always on the plain and have seen many rare birds such as the stone curlew and my favourite winter visitors the golden plover. I am sadden at the lack of nesting lapwings this year they just seem to be getting fewer and fewer. What pairs do manage to nest, seem to suffer from farming activity and the ever increasing numbers of Buzzards.
    There does not semm a day when I do not see a Red Kite, usually in the Cholderton and Marleborough areas. Like the Great Bustards, these birds make a welcome re introduction to our area.

    Can you suggest a website were I can report sighting of any rare birds on a regular basis.
    Mnay thanks.
    Ted Gower ‘from the Downs’