Update from Russia: 20 May 2010

Posted on Thursday, May 20th, 2010

A second wet day here in Saratov. It was good fortune that I had arranged to spend most of it indoors.

I was at the Karasney Kut Municipal Secondary Education School Number 1. Karasney Kut is the nearest town to the field station and is about 40 minutes away.
I gave a presentation on the Anglo-Russian Great Bustard Project and played our excellent film (available in our shop if you have not seen it!).

After an enthusiastic question and answer session I was honoured to be asked to sign a document formally establishing the Childrens Organisation of International Relations. The students are preparing a presentation about their school and the wildlife in their area and want to send this to schools in the UK. We hope to establish regular contacts between schools at both ends of our project.

The secondary school has a very keen an active English Language department, ampoule and the English spoken by the students is very impressive. They are aware that any communication with UK schools will be in English, adiposity and I am sure their language abilities will be more than sufficient to make it successful.

I will post photographs once back in the UK.

Charlie Moores

Posted by Charlie Moores

Charlie is the Great Bustard news & Otis (the official Great Bustard magazine) editor, as well as being an authority on birds worldwide & writing for several online blogs.

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