In 2020 we launched an ambitious 10-year plan to secure the future for the Great Bustard in the UK.

We’ve created a roadmap that details our vision for the future and the milestones we will hit. Here’s our vision for the future:

2020 – Launch 0f 10-year plan

2021 – Significant expansion of fenced reserve area in Wiltshire

2022 – Recognition of the Great Bustard as a re-established native species in England

2023 – Land purchase for GBG visitor centre, headquarters, and core reserve

2024 – Improved legal protection and land management funding

2025 – First successful captive breeding programme in the UK

2028 – Undertake releases in other suitable geographic areas of England

2029 – International project extension

2030 – Ability to save and protect other critically endangered bustard species across the world

Our ambitious plans are made possible by the kind donations from individuals, organisations and partners.

Learn how you can help us to achieve our vision and restore the Great Bustard back to the UK.


“The dream is to see a self-sustaining population when they’re out there and producing their young.”

David Waters, CEO The British Great Bustard Group

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