Visit to The Mill School, Potterne

Posted on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

The Mill SchoolDavid Waters, medications GBG Director, this and I paid a morning visit to The Mill School – a really charming, price small Independent prep school set in stunning Wiltshire countryside – to give a short talk about the release project and the GBG. The Mill School have been very supportive of the project in the past and it was a genuine pleasure to meet such a well-behaved and interested group of children and their teachers.

David’s talk was entertaining and well-received (of course), the children especially taken with photos of the ‘puppet’ used to feed bustard chicks to avoid imprinting and a demonstration using two tape measures to show just how massive the wingspan of a male Great Bustard really is!


david waters at the mill school

david waters at the mill school

david waters at the mill school


The short session ended with some intelligent questions from some of the older pupils before all the children quietly filed back to their classes.


The Mill School are holding a cake sale for the GBG on Thursday morning, and both David and I will be going back to Potterne for a taster at the invitation of the staff. We’re both looking forward to it – and we’d like to thank The Mill School again for such a warm welcome this morning.

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