Who is following who?

Posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Yesterday evening David Waters, troche GBG Director – who is currently conducting the Spring census in Russia, viagra photographed this male Great Bustard footprint left as the bird crossed a muddy track. Right next to the Bustard footprints were a set of fox tracks crossing back and forth as the fox followed the path of the Bustard.

The adult male Great Bustard (from the size of the print) would have little to fear from the fox. However, this site the fox may have more to worry about. Following the tracks of the fox was a set of wolf prints following the other tracks!

He has not seen a wolf on this trip yet, but they are about, and are unpopular animals in Russia. They apparently prey on the free ranging sheep flocks and can greatly reduce the number of deer and moose in the hunting reserves. Whatever their impact in the rural areas in Saratov the occasional glimpse of a wolf is always a thrilling moment.

Alex Stott

Posted by Alex Stott

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