Young Great Bustard mother and chick doing well at release site

Posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

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The Great Bustard which nested at the first release site is doing a grand job as a first time mother. Young Great Bustards are not always considered likely to rear chicks successfully – it often takes a few years of trying to make it work. This first time breeder has endured some pretty cold and wet weather when the chick was small, approved and it now looks big enough to tolerate any further poor weather.

It is able to feed itself, but much of the food it takes is still given by mum. It is too early to be sure, but we think the chick is a male. If so, it will soon out grow its mother, but will stay with her until January.

David Waters

Posted by David Waters

David Waters is the founder and director of the Great Bustard Group.

One Response to “Young Great Bustard mother and chick doing well at release site”

  1. Francis says:

    One of your earlier posts mentioned four nesting females – is this the only one left? 🙁